Redesign is not easy. But there are a lot of smart people out there who can help make it a lot less stressful.

So we’ll be talking with teachers, administrators, parents, community members, KSDE staff, ESSDACK folks – if someone has a good idea, we’re gonna chat them up.



Deep Dive Webinar: Episode Five – “Wellington School District: What Works”
January 16, 2019

Dr. Steve Wyckoff and Dr. Mike Cook talk with Jen Kern, assistant superintendent of curriculum and technology, Steph Smith, assistant high school principal, and Gillian Macias, principal at Kennedy Elementary.

Wellington schools have focused on:

  • Problem solving / communication
  • 16 habits of success and employability skills
  • Real world experiences
  • Student input in the process
  • Working to create a true Individual Plan of Study
  • How grading can be different, including standards based grading
  • Social and emotional well being of both students and staff
  • Mentoring & relationship
  • Personalized learning and small group based on student needs
  • More PBL
  • Student families in the elementary

Deep Dive Webinar: Episode Four – “McPherson School District: Lessons Learned”
December 19, 2018

Dr. Steve Wyckoff and McPherson Superintendent Gordon Mohn highlight the successes and challenges of being a Mercury district.

What McPherson staff has learned:

  • Redesign is difficult and challenging but has the potential to have the most significant impact
  • Trust is needed between all involved
  • Need to support and protect leadership
  • Hard work doing traditional things doesn’t move the needle
  • Communication between all is important
  • Staff has seen amazing progress among students who typically struggle

Deep Dive Webinar: Episode Three – “Twin Valley: Lessons Learned as a Mercury District”
November 20, 2018

Dr. Mike Cook, Dr. Steve Wyckoff, Glenn Wiebe, and Twin Valley Superintendent Fred Van Sickle chat about the successes and challenges of being a Mercury district.

What we learned:

    • Summit Learning is great for data collection & encouraging students
    • But don’t let it take over the voice / impact of teachers
    • it’s important to get feedback from students
    • PBL is a good thing but it takes time and effort for everybody
    • Be aware of social & emotional pressure of Redesign on students, parents, and teachers

SRT Podcast: Episode Three – “Redesign Successes”
October 18, 2018

Ginger Lewman, Tammy Fellers, and Katie Perez sat down with Glenn to share examples of success stories including geometry and chess, the “sparkle” in the eyes of teachers, peaceful moments, confidence building, and permission to “set aside” the reading curriculum.

Ginger Lewman

Tammy Feller
Katie Perez

Deep Dive Webinar: Episode Two – “What’s Become Clear to You About Redesign.”
October 15, 2018

Dr. Mike Cook, Dr. Steve Wyckoff, KSDE rep Jay Scott, Tammy Fellers, and Joni Clark-Leiker meet at the KSDE fall conference to talk about what they’ve observed so far in the Redesign process. KSDE consultant Don Gifford joins them later as well.

It’s all about:

  • changing the culture
  • asking the right questions
  • finding what engages kids
  • civic engagement

ESSDACK Redesign Webinar | October 2018 from ESSDACK

SRT Podcast: Episode Two – “Lindley’s Locker”
September 29

We spend 15 minutes talking with Becky Cooper and Lynn Vigil from Santa Fe Fifth and Sixth Grade Center in Newton about Lindley’s Locker. They’ve repurposed an old gym locker area into a sort of second hand store, free for students to use if they need clean clothes, things like soap and shampoo, and school supplies.

Newton Schools – Santa Fe 5 / 6 Center
Becky Cooper

Lynne Vigil

Deep Dive Webinar: Episode One – “Why Redesign? And How We Can Help.”
September 19, 2018

Dr. Mike Cook, Dr. Steve Wyckoff, and Glenn Wiebe discuss the Why of the Kansans Can School Redesign process. It’s not just the state and district Why – the personal Why is vital to the success of your Redesign. The three share how data can help you focus on developing the Why and how the Four Redesign Principles can help bring your Why to life.

SRT Podcast: Episode One – “It’s Not About the Thing. It’s About the Thinking.”
September 11

We chat with Technology Coordinator Kyle McClure from the Buhler district about his vision of technology use as part of the Redesign process. He shares a few ideas on both the power of tech in the process and some potential problems. And he highlights one of his favorite tools.

Kyle McClure
Buhler Schools
Twitter: @kylemcclure

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